General Purpose Finite Element Structural Analysis Program SAP84

Developed by Yuan Mingwu, Chen Pu, Sun Shuli, Zheng Dong, Chen Bin, Zhang Huiji, Yang Loubin etc.
SAP84 Developing and Consulting Group, Department of Mechanics & Engineering Science, Peking University


The third class award of progress in science and technology,issued by China Government, 1990

The first class award of progress in science and technology, issued by China Ministry of Education, 1989

The first class award of achievement in science and technology, issued by Peking University, 1988

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SAP84 is one of the most popular general-purpose structural analysis programs in China. It has the advantages of reasonable modeling, convenience, powerful capability and accurate results. Thousands of practical engineering projects have been computed, checked, simulated or validated by SAP84. Among them the most represented ones are:

bulletPreliminary design of Three Gorges Dam of Yangtze River
bulletSeismic analysis of the key water conservancy project at Xiao Lan Di of Yellow River
bulletMain structure of Beijing West Railway Station
bulletSeismic analysis of the container of Qingshan Nuclear Power Plant
bulletCable stained bridge at Yun Xian, Hubei
bulletChina Bank Plaza at Shenzhen
bulletNew Century building with 4 towers at Chong-wen-men, Beijing
bulletYun-ding building at Tianjing
bulletYun-shan building at Dalian
bulletWang-Fu-Jing building at Chengdu
bulletChina Construction Building at Chongqing
bulletWuxi Big Buddha
bulletSteel roof of Shanghai Grand Opera House
bulletCable suspend roof of waiting hall of Shanghai Pudong International Airport
bulletBeijing Botanical Exhibition Greenhouse
bulletBeijing Chinese New Century Platform

SAP84 is applicable to static and dynamic analyses in a wide range of engineering problems rising in civil engineering, water conservancy, traffic, mechanical, aeronautical, metallurgical, railway, chemical engineering, as well as in research and teaching in universities. The software is executable on computers with Windows 95, 98 or NT operating systems. The source code of the software consists of about 300,000 statements in FORTRAN and C++. SAP84 utilized the recent achievements in computational mechanics, numerical analysis and programming. The plenty element library and high performance solver allow to find efficiently solutions of large and super-large engineering projects on microcomputers. Generally, the capacity and efficiency of SAP84 reached the international leading position among the similar sort of software. SAP84 is particularly suitable to be applied for large, complex, special and irregular civil structures, such as multi-level and tall building with towers, large opening and transfer floor; large truss system, large stadium and gymnasium, cable stayed and suspension bridges etc. The main analysis functions can be outlined as follows.

bulletNo essential limitation for capacity, which is only depends how large of a single file in secondary storage the computer allows.
bulletHigh performance static and dynamic solvers such as cell index based fast sparse solver and subspace iteration, Ritz vector WYD approach for eigenvalues and eigenvectors
bulletTransient response analysis by mode superposition and Newmark or Wilson-θ direct integration
bulletSeismic analysis based on Chinese code of response spectrum or time history analysis
bulletDynamic reliability analysis in frequency domain
bulletPlenty element library: 3D truss, 3D frame, 3Dframe with variant section, curved frame, pipe, 2D plane (including plane strain, plane stress,3D membrane, axial symmetric and axial symmetric with torque ), 3D solid (including 4-21 node isoparametric, 8 node nonconforming, 16 node nonconforming), 3D solid 8 node nonconforming with drilling degree of freedom, shell, wall, penalty, etc.
bulletCompletely compatible between wall and frame elements
bulletGeometric non-linearity of frame and truss by means of P-D effect
bulletStability analysis for frame, truss and plate-shell elements
bulletReinforcement of frame based on Chinese code for frame (GB50010-2002)
bulletInfluence line analysis for railway and highway bridge based on Chinese Code
bulletAutomatic section search for shaped steel
bulletDesign strength and stability check for shaped steel(GB50017-2003)
bulletCombined pile and pier analysis

Besides the analysis functions, the main pre- and post- processors of SAP84 are:

bullet GIS --- An graphic interactive system for windows, which is especially convenient for tall buildings. There are three different working platforms built in (building floor, arbitrary elevation plane, arbitrary spatial) to be suitable to any special structures.
bullet AutoMESH 2D --- Automatic finite element mesh generator and modeling for 2D plane structures.
bullet AutoMESH 3D --- Automatic finite tetrahedron element mesh generator and modeling for 3D solid structures.
bullet ASD & CADS --- Drawing system for reinforcement concrete based on Chinese code.

SAP84 has gone through extensive testing and was carefully verified by thousands of engineering problems, including the analyses of tall buildings, continuous bridge girders, retaining walls, foundations, concrete dams, buses, pressure vessels, piping frame, etc. The software has high reliability and accuracy. Hence, SAP84 has already become a practical and powerful package for structural analysis in civil, mechanical and aeronautical applications.

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